Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I MissYou

four months without you / four months without your laughter / for months without your sweet face / pretty little eyes wrap me in a bind / having withdrawls gunna blow my mind into pieces / in falling in love with you, falling in love with you, oh whoa // boy your like magic to me / when you kiss me so sweetly / i cant help but lose my mind / stuck in time / wish this day would stop in its tracks / hey i miss you // your voice sounds so amazing on the phone / it reminds me of what is left back home / waiting for me / ill be back soon i hope your waiting for me // im sorry i left you i'll be back / time will pass quickly / i promise it wont last / i love you so cant you see / i mean i already wrote a song for you and me / i cant wait to go home and play for you / hey i miss you // i promise our love will last / dont forget about me i dont wanna live in your past / cant you see how much you mean too me / i love you / dont you forget it / i love you / baby i'll never regret it / i cant wait to be home wrapped up in your arms again / ill be there soon / baby i miss you / whoa / i love you / never regret it / forever / i miss you //

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